Mobile connectivity has become a basic need of today.Business worth Billions of Dollars is being done just on mobile phones.
In today's world due to tough competition,one can loose lot of business if unreachable through their mobile phones.People just move on to other options.

Being a telecom graduate I observed people having such issues but being unaware of the technology they had to solve this issue.There were lots in markets who claimed to fix a small patch in you cell phone to provide you a good signal at low cost but it all turned out to be fake ,since these products never worked and lots of people lost their money.

There were some importers who blindly imported  low quality repeaters from China and had no knowledge of RF or Telecommunications.The people provided no warranty or after sales service to their clients who lost faith in this technology.People offering low cost Chinese devices for signal problems still persist in today's market looting lot of innocent people who needed a mobile signal solution urgently.

Inspite of introduction of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) lot of operators who do not release their customers and neither do they provide a solution to signal problem.
As a company it becomes very difficult when all employees have different operator SIMs and use company landline constantly thus keeping their landline phone busy and resulting into huge landline phone bills.

After graduating in 2009,I joined a leading mobile tower infrastructure company to realise how mobile operators manipulated the clients.

In 2011 I left the job to provide solutions to people who had been let down by their mobile operators and were started to lose faith in mobile communication technology.

Over the years I not just made clients but friends who recommended me strongly to others thus spreading my work field even wider.