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Wireless AV Sender (Wireless audio video Transmitter-Receiver)

Cables have become an indispensable part of communication.Any kind of data can be sent over these cables within a wide range of distance.The data that can be sent over the cable can be voice,text,pictures,videos etc.

But lately all technologies are going wireless.Use of wires has been kept to minimum…

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Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT or Fixed wireless Terminal (FWT)

Last 2 decades have been revolutionary in telecommunication world.Things which weren't imagined in the 90s are being practically applied on a daily basis today.Mobile communication is one such technology which has evolved rapidly over the last decade,changing the status of cell phones from luxury to…

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Our mobile signal booster vs Booster provided by network.

People are very particular when it comes to spending.Most of our enquirers find it very expensive and are confident that they will shake up their network operator and force them to solve their problem.

But practically,a company like Vodafone and Airtel will not get moved by such customers.They are ru…

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Insight on Indian Mobile industry.

Before i share with you all my customer experiences in Boosterwala Diaries, i would first brief up with the current situation in Indian Mobile Service Industry.

Now India has a wide customer base using cell phones.Infact the number of cell phones outnumbers the number of land line phones in India,tha…

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What are mobile signal boosters....?

Please observe the above images.They belong to the premium phone available in the market which are high priced and people own them in huge numbers.

But if you observe properly,none of the phones in the above images have signal.

Imagine,you own a ₹.40,000 phone and you get one of those No Service or SO…

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