Our mobile signal booster vs Booster provided by network.

People are very particular when it comes to spending.Most of our enquirers find it very expensive and are confident that they will shake up their network operator and force them to solve their problem.

But practically,a company like Vodafone and Airtel will not get moved by such customers.They are running a billion dollar industry and yes they do need every customer,but they would anyday prefer bribing a customer by giving them special call rates of Free SMS rather than actually solving their problem.

Even if you have a corporate scheme with your company having more than 100 cards consistently billing more than ₹.1000 a month,it will atleast take them 8-9 month to decide whether to give solution or NOT.Mostly it is a NOT.

In some cases,the operator does decide to give a solution.If you are in a metro city ,you might get the solution for free.But if you are in any other city,the operator will charge you even more than us and the solution will be limited only for their operator.

If the operator is giving you a solution for free,they are doing you a huge favour.So do not expect them to care about aesthetic value  of your office.They have to do minimum 3 installations in one day and you are one of them.

The wire is too thick to be bent and can be an issue for electrical maintenance staff of your office.The holes made to pass this wire are too huge to hide.

Since this repeater and wire is their property,you wont be allowed to alter it.

In future if the network issue in that area is solved,in general.The operator will take out the repeater without thinking twice and will leave all the holes and drills untreated,making it look worse.

On the other hand ,when we charge you ,we make sure that your office aesthetics is our priority.We do not run thick cables unnecessarily.And the equipment is owned by you,so no one else has a right over it.

The equipment benefits you for solution of all operators ,hence you do not need to port numbers of all your employees to one operator.

Yes our solution is expensive but not more than your iphone/tablet and your iphone or table is just worthless without network.

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