What are mobile signal boosters....?

Please observe the above images.They belong to the premium phone available in the market which are high priced and people own them in huge numbers.

But if you observe properly,none of the phones in the above images have signal.

Imagine,you own a ₹.40,000 phone and you get one of those No Service or SOS sign.If you are in a basement your 40000 phone is as helpless as a ₹.1500 phone ,unable to make or receive calls and totally cut from the outer world.In that case you want to make an urgent call and you have to run to the nearest land line,but what if you are expecting an urgent call?The caller will just get the "user not available" message and would never figure out how to reach to you exactly.And if thats a business call then you need to note it in the business lost section because in today's age of competition,no one calls back.They just move on to your competitiors.

In this age,technology has become crucial in everyday's life.Be it in terms of work or personal.Imagine a day without internet connectivity.No Emails,No Facebook,No Twitter and No Youtube.It can be comparable to life without food and water for the current tech-savvy generation.

Now if you are located in a remote place miles away from city or town and you get no service ,its understood,but still you run in all 4 directions with your phone in hand hoping you strike atleast one bar on that signal status indicator on your phone.You jump like you struck gold when you get that one bar which is not good enough for you to make an outgoing call or for that matter even receive a call.Best thing can happen is that your pending SMS might reach its destination or you will receive pending SMS.

If you are right in the middle of a metro like Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai etc and such No Signal situation occurs you just feel like throwing you phone in frustration.You do not expect such poor infrastructure in the so called Megacities.You run out of curses for your mobile operator and you check other peoples signal situation.

Sometimes one of those has signal and others do not,thanks to his operator whose tower is standing on the terrace of the building you are in.And you swear to port your number to that operator.

But frankly speaking ,there is nothing like a superior network coverage in big cities where development is uncontrollable and network operators cannot alter their infrastructure after every new building springs across the city like wild  mushrooms.

So now you have the mobile technology and you are paying out of your pocket for all its elite services but due to small loop holes in technology you are unable to enjoy it fully and you have those small but awkward situations where you are stuck up without a good quality signal which can enable you from communication smoothly.

This is where the Mobile Signal Booster jumps in.......

It is basically a system which picks up signal from one place , boosts it and feeds to the place where you have no signal.

It is not like just any other sound amplifier used to amplify sounds but one which strengthens all RF signals.Be it mobile signal or WiFi signal for that matter.

Mobile Signal booster is typically a boon for a country like India,where operators are more than 10 but users and congestion is 10000 folds more and network issues are common in crowded cities especially.

MNP can be a solution but only for low end operators who are easily released by their network.Those who have those special numbers with special plans and special rates are stuck up with their operator for ever and have no option other than using mobile signal boosters.(LAND LINE is not an you really call your acquaintances on their landlines?).Land line phones are no expensive these days with rentals of minimum 250 and cannot be kept busy by a company's employers for their personal calls.

Operators are so much under economic and cost burden thanks to spectrum auction scams by the current Indian government.The operators are going to recover from the customers in the end.So do not expect them to give out free mobile signal boosters.

The signal issues are also seen in case of 3G.Though only 4% of Indian users rely on 3G,most of them are addicted to it and will be really concerned about their 3G signal more than 2G,which might be healthy.

The mobile signal boosters are not expensive,any given day they are cheaper than iphone which can be used by only single user compared to booster which can be used by multiple users and can actually result into productivity.

The beauty of mobile signal boosters is that you can have them benefit you for multiple networks unliked band specific ones provided by the operator.

For more info about mobile signal booster,visit or call on +91 9987180210.

I know you had problems and you want one to make your mobile signal issues go away.

The boosters are not just solution for zero signal but also for frequent call drops at higher floors and network congestion issues at call centers.

See you then till my next post Boosterwala Diaries where i share the mentality of Indian clients towards mobile signal boosters.

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