Wireless AV Sender (Wireless audio video Transmitter-Receiver)

Cables have become an indispensable part of communication.Any kind of data can be sent over these cables within a wide range of distance.The data that can be sent over the cable can be voice,text,pictures,videos etc.

But lately all technologies are going wireless.Use of wires has been kept to minimum.The need for avoiding wires is mainly to reduce clutter.Other than that a wire if cut of tampered could bring the communication to a complete halt or frequent faults.

Every house at the time of construction or renovation has meters of wires running inside them.Most of them are that of power.The other being that for automation,Cameras etc.

But if a user feels like adding cameras or automation after the completion of construction or renovation ,it becomes difficult for the concealment of the wires.People generally do not wish wires to be seen clipped or even boxed and running around their house walls these days.

Although for power wires wireless seems to be a distant technology for the rest it is possible.

Wireless AV sender is the perfect solution for sending audio-video signals from one point to another by the means of microwave waves.One doesn't have to compromise the setup of new digital TV or CCTV in his/her house fearing for open wires.

The device is a simple plug and play and works on 2.4 GHz license free band.

It consists of-
A transmitter which has to be connected to the source of AV signal with the means of AV cable provided with the set.

A receiver connected to the receiver port where the TV or Monitor is connected by means of AV cable provided.

The power consumption of entire system is less than 20 W.

The system is able to cover a distance of 10 meters easily given that the transmitter and receiver are in LOS (line of sight) ie both antennas are able to see each other without any obstructions.

This system is perfect for a club or gym where several users tend to fiddle with the set top box to change channels.The set top box could be in the managers area from where he/she can control the  channels broadcast on the TV at a distance.

This device is useful for individuals who wish to change the orientation of the TV in their house without wanting changes in wiring.

You can also convert normal CCTV cameras into wireless with the help of these device and hence no more tinkering with cables.

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